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Except for the whole inconvenient fact that it was Labor who created the Manus and Nauru situation in the first place under Rudd. Bit rich to say Labor doesn't play politics with national security, @SenatorWong. Nice piece of PR but utter hubris. #auspol.

ABC Politics@politicsabc

Labor's Penny Wong unleashes on Government senators during medivac debate (and gets really fired up about 0:22). #auspol

So what's with @waze suddenly deciding that St stands for Saint, not Street? It's a navigation app. 🤔😐

Dislike this musing on this 'not since 1929' thing. It should be normal for a government to lose a vote. Especially this one. That is how democracy should work. It is the opposition's obligation to ensure the public interest is upheld, especially if the government won't. #auspol