Bullshit fatigue

You’ll have to forgive the change of pace in the output of these exclusives.

I have news fatigue. Bullshit fatigue. Hot-take fatigue. Journalism fatigue. Every time I turn on a television I am gripped with the urge to pull it off the wall and throw it through the nearest window.

News and social media have transmogrified into a propaganda machine, to the extent that they are almost indistinguishable from each other. Race and gender politics have come to dominate headlines, whether that is the jailing of British Viscount Rhodri Philips for a threatening Facebook post about anti-Brexit campaigner, Gina Miller , or President Donald Trump’s behaviour towards Brigitte Macron (vomit), to Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s decision to migrate to the motherland in the hopes it will be more tolerant than Australia (bet of luck with that), or giving Andy Murray a proverbial medal for fact-checking a journalist, or the Florida State’s Attorney, Aramis Ayala,  who was seemingly pulled over for driving-while-black, or an unapologetic hot-take from Clementine Ford simultaneously claiming to be a victim of trolling while continually setting her own troll-army upon anyone who dares disagree with her, or the decision of an Australian law school to examine the compatibility of Sharia with common law.

Hot-take after hot-take none of which go any way towards addressing inequality of which these examples are but a microcosm, while making social media-platforms billions and news organisations a few dollars in the coin jar of desperation. If they’re lucky.

It goes like this: Issue. Dissection of issue. Panel debate of issue. Sound byte from politician. Dissection of said politician’s sound byte. If it goes well, dissection of comments made during the analysis (particularly if the speaker is brown or female – or both), social media fall-out, coverage of the social-media fallout, panel debate about the social media fall-out, a micro-analysis of the panel participants’ body language, op-ed about the whole fiasco, a counter op-ed dissecting the author’s choice of language, and-on-and-on until something else happens and the cycle repeats itself ad infinitum.