Calling all allies: Why I am not a woman, apparently

A few months ago I wrote a piece for New Matilda criticising the feminist left which almost got me booted off the internet.

For suggesting that it is making enemies of its allies, while doing very little to actually affect equality, particularly for the working poor, the unemployed and those living in countries where people don’t have the luxury of online shaming exercises, I was called a ‘hack’, ‘scumbag’, ‘apologist’,  a ‘Stepford wife’, ‘crackpot’, ‘ignorant’, ‘nasty’ and ‘trash’.

One particular author questioned my credentials and right to speak as a feminist. (We are not all card-carrying members of the same club, and even if we were, it is not one I would ever wish to be associated with).

“I am struggling with the idea that this author has as much right to express her view as all of the other writers you have published,” wrote one objector. “[She] has provided no more evidence as to her position as a feminist than self identification.”

This morning I was vindicated by psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson in a lengthy autopsy (well worth the read) of the entire fiasco.