Killing News Corp one conspiracy theory at a time


So it turns out hacking is still alive and well at NewsCorp.

When Fox News teams up with a convicted hacker to perpetuate a WikiLeaks conspiracy theory, you know we are living through ‘interesting’ times.

Together with Sean Hannity, tech billionaire and convicted hacker, Kim Dotcom and Fox News form a Holy Trinity of crazy, pushing the theory Democratic National Committee staffer, Seth Rich was murdered last summer as a deep-state assassination , punishment for baseless claims he had  supplied DNC documents to WikiLeaks.  That was until the lawyers got involved.

Earlier this week, the Fox News conspiracy wing-nut announced he would be taking a vacation from the show for a few days, “to spend time with his family” while the company considers his future, following Fox News’ retraction of a story linking Rich’s slaying with the hacks on the DNC which aided Trump’s ascension to office. The story has already cost Fox seven advertisers, with many more likely to follow. But as Rich’s family were calling for a public apology from the network and its anchor (which has not been forthcoming), Hannity couldn’t even bottle it for 24 hours before he was back on Twitter promising to never stop pursuing the truth .