What makes a patriot? Asking for PMs

What does a patriot look like exactly?

I’m asking coz last week our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull asked immigrants and newly minted citizens of this country
to act like patriots, as if their contributions to society aren’t already enough.This leads me to ask, what exactly is a patriot and where can we find one? Not in Parliament, surely.It’s not exactly like our Prime Ministers (yes, Prime Ministers plural) have done such a bang up job of walking the talk.In the last week Immigration Minister and defacto Prime Minister Peter Dutton stood before the cameras and referred to the refugee victims of civil rights abuses on Manus and Nauru detention centres so heinous the government chose to settle out of court for $90 million as ‘ambulance chasers’, and followed it up by submitting a request for the power to overrule the will of the courts on immigration cases