What will it take?

The following is an edited excerpt of my upcoming book, How The World Really Works* (title may be due to change). 

Voters across the developed world are caught in a contradiction of their own making.

We sneer as President Barack Obama takes $400,000 from Wall Street for a single speech, as we did Hillary’s speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.

We claim to oppose elitism and tire of Wall Street’s influence over the political process, and yet, across three continents we elected multi-millionaires and billionaires whose personal fortunes are the direct result of the very economic levers keeping millions in poverty, and millions more in financially precarious positions.

Turnbull, May and Trump: Each are the beneficiaries of sizeable inheritances, tax havens in the Caymans, (tax free retirement / superannuation / 401k accounts), property development and investment.