Worlds are colliding

In his speech yesterday Corbyn uttered a sentence which so perfectly encapsulates the world of 2017: We are in a death match for the kind of world we want to live in.

In the one corner are people who believe that government exists to represent the will of the people. In the other, are those who cling to the idea that government exists to represent the will of the market, that tax cuts and subsidies are magically responsible for job creation and if we all just give it up for the big omnipotent brains trust of investors in the cloud, life would be perfect.

I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. Money and wealth have been vacuumed out of the economy by legal tax havens and systems which no longer let the people responsible for creating wealth (us) share in its rewards. Profit is flowing only in one direction and it is not towards your bank account. It turns out when you hide money from the economy, it doesn’t operate all that well. But you wouldn’t know it from the way we still talk about it. Australia is in a recession. But the papers, rather than focus on what is right in front of them, choose to celebrate 103 quarters of not-having-a-recession. And if occasionally “The R Word” does come up, it is prefixed with the word ‘technical’. We are in a ‘technical recession’.
What is the difference between a recession and a technical recession you ask? Well to quote my colleague Andrew P Street, delivered with heavy sarcasm, “the first is Labor’s fault and is a disaster for which they must be destroyed, the second happens under the Coalition and is perfectly fine so stop talking about it.”Your failure to attain job security, or a job at all, is your fault, we are told. But to quote change strategist, Joe Brewer, “those people are culprits in perpetuating a great lie of this period in history. The standard assumptions for how to be successful in life a few decades ago simply do not apply anymore”.