WTF is Hello Humans?

This is my experiment. I am trying to buy back time to produce the kind of journalism you won’t find in the paper. This includes but is not limited to a book, a podcast, a column and a (bi-weekly) newsletter. Users can pledge ten cents per story securely using Inkl Pay, $1 a month for full access to my exclusives on Patreon, or subscribe $4.50 a month for the Hello Humans Newsletter, which along with exclusive content provides a glimpse into my online life: what I’m reading, watching and listening to. All payments are processed securely by either Inkl Pay or Patreon. No personal information is kept, stored or even seen by me. For the price of a cup of coffee a month you too can become a champion of Independent Journalism. Damn the man. Save The Fourth Estate.

Where the f*** did this idea come from?

A few years ago, I setup a newsletter called Hello Humans. It ran for about a year and boasted 150 or so subscribers. But the need to be able to feed myself ate into the time I was able to devote to it, and it fell by the wayside.

Since then I have had some initial success finding publishers for my work, which is largely devoted to critically examining the history and evolution of public discourse in respect to the ‘new economy’. I am working on a book and podcast which critically assesses our emotional investment in fundamental economic myths & their connection to the Global Financial Crisis and the rising social tensions escalating across the globe. I also work about 25 different freelance gigs to support myself which include copywriting, ghostwriting, speech-writing and consulting, leaving me not a lot of time to ensure the book gets out. #Diversification.

So late last year I decided I was going to have to build a business model that buys back some of that time, enough to primarily focus on journalism, not counting invoices. I setup a Patreon and gradually collected a small but loyal tribe of Gladiators who love and understand me. In January I was approached to partner with Inkl Pay, an Australian micro-payments platform trying to save journalism from itself and helping independent publishers like me make money. And I thought:

This project is all about data and choice and building a model that gets out of people’s way. If it goes well, I can use the insights from this experiment to help publishers understand what people want (and how much of their audience I have stolen over the years ;p). I have no doubt I’ll make some mistakes along the way; I will be adapting the model as I learn. The content may differ, some columns will be more researched than others. I will try to keep a nice variation of the humorous, the serious and the personal (so don’t expect the level of research that went into Edition #1 every week). But the objective will never change: Making sense of the world around us. Helping readers identify rhetorical red flags and immunise themselves against bullshit linguistics and manipulation.

So! Here are your options:  

Hello Humans: The Column A 10 cent donation will gain you access to exclusive content, the kind you won’t find in the paper.

The platform was built and is supported by my wonderful partners at Inkl Pay.  When you sign up, users will initially be asked to add $10 to their account. From there you can distribute your funds 10c at a time until that balance runs out, after which time you can top it up again. The platform is designed to be simple and unobtrusive. Feedback is welcome.

Hello Humans: The Newsletter

I am offering the Hello Humans Newsletter,delivered straight to your inbox twice  a week, for $4.50 a month via Patreon. (Subscribes gain automatic access to all my exclusive content). This newsletter isn’t just a delivery mechanism for m’new scoops, it’s a glimpse into my online life: what I’m reading, watching and listening to. Hello Humans filters through all the crap and noise to find only the week’s most important and entertaining content. It will even occasionally feature book reviews.

There has never been a more important time for an empowered Fourth Estate. For the price of a cup of coffee a month, you too can help endow journalism with the funds it needs to keep going. Trying to produce accurate, public interest journalism without getting fired or sued is a challenging and costly process.

Be an ambassador for (loose) change. Save independent journalism. Thank you for your time.